Boubaker Sadraoui

Boubaker Sadraoui, a man of Tunisian descent but residing as a homeless in the province of Foggia, was deported from Italy on May 13, 2017, due to being deemed a dangerous individual with ties to the Islamic State. Boubaker Sadraoui regularly attended the Islamic centre Al Dawa in Foggia along his brother Kamel where they met the Chechen Eli Bombataliev. They developed a friendship and between the end of 2014 and the start of 2015, they started being indoctrinated by the Chechen. According to police investigations, Boubaker published on his Facebook profile appreciative posts towards the terrorists responsible for the Bataclan or the Berlin Christmas market terrorist attacks. He would also share IS-related propaganda, including videos and photos depicting public executions, children being tortured, and apologetic posts about Bin Laden and the Islamic State.
Once his brother Kamel was arrested in February 2017, Boubaker, who had been previously charged with drug dealing, fled to Padova to evade arrest, using his connections in the area but was eventually caught by the police and later deported to Tunisia on May 2017.