About Monitoring Jihadism Project

Monitoring Jihadism Project (MjP) is an extensive research initiative that focuses on gathering and examining Italian judicial documents related to jihadist terrorism. The project aims to provide insights into the nature and dynamics of jihadist activities and to date, MjP has amassed an impressive collection of over 15,000 pages of documents, which offer a wealth of information on the subject matter.

These documents revolve around more than 500 individuals who have been investigated and indicted for their involvement in jihadism and associated offences since 1993. For instance, the offences include facilitation of illegal immigration, human trafficking, document trafficking, financing terrorism, recruitment, planning and executing terrorist attacks, and more.

By meticulously documenting and analysing these judicial documents, MjP has created an extensive database which provides a wealth information for researchers, LEAs, policymakers, and analysts.

The database is accessible at no cost by registering through clicking the GREY BUTTON underneath.