francesco bergoglio errico

Francesco Bergoglio Errico

Francesco Bergoglio Errico is the Founder & Executive Director of the Monitoring Jihadism Project, ERCOR Researcher (European Research Community on Radicalisation), and Member of the European Expert Network on Terrorism Issues (EENeT) – BKA. Moreover, he works as a Security Analyst and Consultant for private companies.

Currently, he also is a Writer for European Eye on Radicalization (EER); Analyst at Islamic Theology for Counter Terrorism (ITCT); Lecturer of Anthropology and Radicalization for training courses for Law Enforcement Agencies and a Lecturer at the Penitentiary Police School “Giovanni Falcone” in Rome.

Previously, Francesco worked as a Analyst of Emerging Challenges and External Relations Officer for NATO Defense College Foundation for one year. He was Academic Tutor at SIOI UNAssociation in Rome for the course on terrorism and radicalisation, and he was for two years the Deputy-Coordinator and for five years a Volunteer Anthropologist for the Volunteer Criminologists Group at Casa Circondariale N.C. “Raffaele Cinotti” – Rebibbia Prison, in Rome. Finally, he worked as a Researcher for three years at the European Foundation for Democracy (EFD).

Regarding university education, Francesco obtained his BA in Geographical Sciences from the University of Genoa. He later earned his MA in Cultural Anthropology and Ethnology at Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna. Then, he also obtained a postgraduate specialization in Geopolitics and Global Security from the University of Rome La Sapienza and others specific courses on the topic of radicalisation, Terrorism and Islam. More recently, he attended the civil-military cooperation course at the Center for Advanced Studies in Defense – Ministry of Defense.

Twitter: @fra_bergerr

Linkedin: @FrancescoBergoglioErrico