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Khan Munawar

The gravity of the circumstantial evidence against Khan Munawar, a Pakistani citizen born on May 1, 1996, is not enough to confirm Munawar’s belonging to Gabar and thus the pre-trial detention ordered by the Tribunal of Genova on May 4, 2022, was not applied to him.
According to the documents revealed by the Italian authorities, Munawar’s main contact within Gabar was Tahir Yaseen, as both of them have appeared together in TikTok videos since early 2020 several times while wielding weapons and with songs inciting to violence in the background. Moreover, Munawar moved frequently between France and Italy, as he was seen in Yaseen’s cousin’s house in 2020 as testified by a video and was later hosted by Yaseen in October 2021 for a few days. Still, although the weapons showed in videos could signal Munawar’s adherence to Gabar’s violent project, the Tribunal of Genova did not consider this enough evidence to prove his belonging to Gabar. Similarly, although Munawar was hosted by Yaseen, the individuals he met in Fabbrico are not amongst those arrested in relation to this investigation, thus making it difficult to ascertain whether Munawar’s visit was related to any Gabar’s meetings or activities.