Lusien Mustaqi

Lusien Mustaqi, an Albanian man originally from a village near Lushnja, was living in Lavello (Potenza) alongside his brother Orkid and their parents. He was studying at the University of Foggia, had a residence permit and had no criminal record. Although he was not arrested by the Italian authorities, as there was no concrete facts against him for terrorist activity in Italy, Lusien Mustaqi was still deported from Italy due to being a dangerous individual. In fact, both Lusien and Orkid had embarked on a trajectory that was rapidly leading them towards Islamic indoctrination and involvement in terrorism because they had been under the indoctrinating influence of the Chechen Eli Bombataliev, arrested in 2017 on the charge of participating in a terrorist group.
Lusien Mustaqi met Bombataliev in the Al Dawa cultural association of Foggia, where the Chechen had been living. Bombataliev conducted a successful proselytism towards them, as in the intercepted conversations both brothers and the Chechen not only openly expressed their animosity towards Westerners and moderate Muslims, but they also demonstrated a strong admiration for martyrdom, which they shared with Bombataliev. According to the authorities, their relationship went beyond a simple friendship and Lusien Mustaqi seemed to have embraced an extremist fundamentalist view the most, with a prominent aversion towards nonbelievers. He also appeared to be Bombataliev’s closest associate within Al Dawa, often exchanging texts about the meaning of sin and death in relation to jihad and even commenting on Muslim women training with firearms. For this reason, Lusien Mustaqi was deported on July 5, 2017.