Magomed Khusainov

Magomed Khusainov, – born in November 1984 – a man of Chechen origins but living in Udine with his wife Lizana Umarova, appeared in various investigations conducted by the Italian police, signalling him as an ISIS-sympathiser. To corroborate this further, he was photographed holding the IS flag while displaying a ring adorned with the Islamic State symbol. Amongst his contacts there are Eli Bombataliev, charged and found guilty of terrorism charges in 2018; Ajhan Veapi, found guilty of enlisting with terrorism purposes in 2017, and Mirsad Kasupovic, cousin of Edin Kasupovic, who died in Syria while fighting for the Islamic State. Regarding his association with Bombataliev, they were both stopped by the police in Udine in March 2017 and Bombataliev even sent a link on a WhatsApp conversation with Lizana Umarova, Khusainov’s wife, about the contribution of Chechens to Islamic studies since the establishment of the Caliphate.
In 2016, Magomed Khusainov had his residence permit revoked and was ordered deportation due to being classified as a dangerous individual for Italy. However, in August 2017, the Tribunal of Turin upheld the defendant’s appeal, granting him a residence permit while excluding the determination of dangerousness and revoking the deportation order.