gabar group

Shahzad Rustam

Shahzad Rustam, a Pakistani citizen born on January 7, 1999, is another member of Gabar who has been arrested in June 2022, and charged with international terrorist association according to art. 270 bis comma 2 c.p. of the Italian Criminal Code.
Rustam, who had been photo signalled by the Trieste border police on August 27, 2019, was very active on his social media profiles, proving his belonging to the terrorist network. Since early 2020, thus a few months prior to the Paris attack, Rustam shared and appeared in many TikTok videos alongside other Gabar members such as Raza Irslan, Umer Noman, Akhtar Shoheb, Nadeem Raan, Iqbal Tasawar, Ali Mohsin, and Zaheer Hassan Mahmood. Moreover, Rustan also appeared in the Gabar Group Paris manifesto under the heading of constituent/elector and wiretapped conversations reveal he was particularly close with Tahir Yaseen. In particular, in April 2021, Yaseen called Rustam, who was in Pakistan at that time, and advised him on how to behave once he had moved to Italy to avoid police suspicion.
Therefore, Rustam’s link to Gabar and its ideology is well documented and it can be assumed he had been recruited by Yaseen to help him establish the Italian branch of Gabar. Once arrested, Rustam was placed under pre-trial detention by the order of the Tribunal of Genova. He asked for a shortened proceeding.