Ahmed Isidiin

Ahmed Isidiin was born in Ethiopia on the 1st of January 1997. At the time of his arrest, on the 31st of May 2019, he was living in Milan. Ahmed Isidiin, also known as “Ciise”, was part of the criminal network managed by Dubad Rashiid, and he has been accused of financing international terrorist organisations – including al-Shabaab and the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) – and enabling illegal immigration to and from Italy towards other European nations. He was the only member of the group, other than Dubad, involved in both criminal enterprises, showing a relevant degree of motivation.

Regarding the funding of international terrorism, not much is known relating to Isidiin. Investigations on the Ethiopian national, in fact, mostly focused on the facilitation of illegal immigration. Nonetheless, the authorities found that the total amount Isidiin was able to collect and send to Somalia (since the start of the investigations), through the Hawala system, also used by his accomplices, was 2777,26 euros. Most of his “trustees” are not known, except for Maxamed Cali Cabdile, active in the Somali border town of Wajale, with whom he communicated through WhatsApp.

As for the enabling of illegal immigration, information is also scarce, but of undeniable evidentiary value. In a series of phone calls at the end of October 2018 between Isidiin and Rashiid, the former describes the actions he’s taking to secure a temporary placement for immigrants looking to pass the Italian border towards the north. In the calls, he often appeared agitated, as it seemed there were issues with finding adequate spaces for the irregulars, and sometimes, problems with the migrants’ payments emerged too.
Another important instance in this regard was when Ahmed Isidiin was filmed accompanying Dubad Rashiid at the airport of Milan Malpensa to retrieve two Somali women, one of whom had been expelled from Malaysia and whom Rashiid and Isidiin (together with Osman Cabdiqani) aided in bringing to Austria.

Interestingly, the number used by Isidiin was registered in the name of a Romanian citizen called Caldarar Nicolai, a name otherwise never emerging in the investigations. From the analysis of the phone, it also came to light that Isidiin was in contact also with Mahamed Said and Ibrahim Omar Mohsin, the latter being a suspected terrorist arrested in late 2018 in Bari.

In a call with Rashiid, Isidiin was also heard saying that he was looking for a wife in the Netherlands, possibly to ease his way into the country. This element has played a role in categorising him as a “flight risk”, requiring pre-emptive incarceration. Isidiin is currently awaiting judgement at the first-degree court of Bologna while staying at the prison of San Vittore in Milan.