Marina Kachmazova

Marina Kachmazova was born in Russia on September 04, 1968. She was a Russian citizen living in Naples (for several years without a residence permit), who began a romantic relationship with Eli Bombataliev in March 2017 and they eventually got married through the Islamic rite, although Bombataliev was already married. Kachmazova was subjected to persistent proselytising by Bombataliev, aimed at convincing her to do jihad in Syria with him. From audio surveillance it emerges that Bombataliev not only openly divulged his jihadist ideology and terrorist affiliation with Kachmaziva, but he also psychologically conditioned her over time. He often conversed with her about the necessity of doing jihad and violence against non-believers as well as his anti-moderate Muslim hatred to try to convince her to join him in Syria. Knowing Kachmazova’s emotional attachment to him, he ultimately persuaded her to leave for Syria with him in June 2017. Kachmazova also disclosed to her husband that she was experiencing relationship difficulties with a friend due to her decision to wear a hijab, openly exhibiting signs of animosity towards non-Muslims in Italy. Therefore, Bombataliev’s conditioning towards his partner was successful.
Once Bombataliev was arrested in July 2017, Marina Kachmazova was deported from Italy on July 6 of the same year.