gabar group

Umer Noman

Umer Noman, a Pakistani man born on June 16, 2002, also known with the alias Hassan Noman, was among the fourteen Gabar group members arrested and detained according to a precautionary measure ordered by the Genova judge. As the president of Gabar, Noman has been accused of belonging to an organisation with the purpose of terrorism according to art. 270 bis comma 2 c.p. of the Italian Criminal Code. His belonging to Gabar has been confirmed by wiretapped conversations and phone records as well as by his constant presence in Italy, especially during September 2021 and in February 2022.
On October 28, 2020, Noman was stopped by the French border police on the Maddalena Pass because he was driving a van supposedly used to transport illegal immigrants. The judge’s decree reveals and confirms Noman’s role and active involvement in Gabar, as in February 2022 he took part in a meeting in Fabbrico, at Tahir Yaseen’s house, along with Iqbal Faisal, Ahmad Waqas, and Iqbal Tasawar. Moreover, Noman appeared in the Gabar group’s manifesto beside Nadeem Raan above the caption “president” and he was also tagged in a picture with a prescient writing, almost hinting at the attack that would have taken place two months later. Noman was under the Eiffel Tower alongside Zaheer Hassan Mahmood, Bilal Hassan and Ali Hamza, the brothers involved in the 2020 Paris attack, as well as Irslan Raza. He also appeared to be close with Nadeem Raan, leader and founder of the Paris’ branch of Gabar, as Noman defined Raan as his “brother”. His social media presence and activity corroborate Noman’s support of the Paris attacker, as on September 26, 2020, a day after the attack, he shared Zaheer’s video claiming responsibility of the attack. Even before the incident, Noman was manifesting his approval by commenting other Gabar members’ Facebook photos with sinister writings while a shared video of Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan embeds Noman’s ideology in fighting blasphemy according to the teachings of Khadim Hussain Rizvi.
Noman asked for a shortened proceeding and was put on trial on July 12 and 13, 2023 while the judge’s ruling was scheduled for September 18, 2023.